How to make a site like

How to make a site like with opensource

Your question is very generic. What exactly are you looking for help with? Developing the business model? Finding appropriate hosting? Hashing out a design? Diving into the programming? We can’t help without some more information, specific questions.

I trying to find out a best php open source script for develop a shopping portal. That includes 3rd party affiliate shopping and Shopping search offering price comparison fetchers. Portal like,,,

That is going to be a lot of work. If you don’t know the answers to those questions yourself your best off to seek a professional if your serious. is all custom programming, no open source cms. I doubt your going to find anything comparable in the open source market that serves such a specific business function without some very significant amount of heavy lifting to the point you might as well be starting from scratch.

Well said oddz

While you can find stock Comparison Shopping Scripts, sites like TheFind, PriceGrabber, etc did not grow to their level of success by using generic features. Building the core isn’t difficult but as you dive in to the CSE space you’ll see that the complexity really lies in the collection, management and display of product data. The feeds going into one of these sites include millions of products which are updated daily or more.

Presumably you’ll want to focus on a niche or new angle to stand out so whether you chose to build from the ground up or modify using an existing system’s base, you should really plan to put some solid time into the customizations.