How to make a multi-color logo just white?

I have a raster-image (.png) logo containing several colors.

I need a function that will automatically and elegantly make all sub-images comprising that image only White.

What is the name for such function which I could execute on the image with a program such as GIMP?

By “elegantly” I mean that the function will keep all anti-aliasing as-is, and such.

May we see the image? It may help me to better understand what you mean.

Would converting it to monchrome achieve what you want? Does the image have some transparency?

Open it in GIMP, add new layer on top of image, fill it with solid white and then try different modes for this layer, one of these modes will make what you want:


The image contains a text mistake which I didn’t make and I think it won’t be respectful if I present it like this publicly so I won’t put it here (although in principle you may see it, of course).

The picture does include transparent background and I guess that yes, making it “mono-chrome” is indeed what I want to do.

Can you selectively click and mask all the areas you don’t want white, then invert the selection, and fill in with white?

Select and mask whichever is quicker and easier.

I want everything besides the background white.

The background should stay transparent.

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Did making it monochrome achieve the result you are looking for?

I didn’t find an automatic monochrome function but I did it either which helped:

  1. Colors → Hue-Chroma, then maximizing lightness
  2. Colors → Colorize, then maximizing lightness

what is a “sub-image”? Having a hard time picturing this.

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Am not sure what you are working with,
BUT if:
what you ate going for is a flat version of the logo ( as opposed to just grayscale),
AND you have Photoshop,
you could do a layer mask fill.
All you have to do for this is import the PNG file
create a fill layer of white above the layer containing the imported logo
with the white layer selected, go into the layers menu and select make layer mask.
then export back to PNG.
hope that helps and happy holidays!

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Please supply a link to the image so that users can try their suggested implementations.

I think there could be problems with converting different colours to suitable grey shades.

Instead of using Gimp I would try Wiki ImageMagick :

A oneliner Linux Command line using convert can be used and experimented with the percentage threshold:

convert <input> -threshold xx% <output>

The input and output image file types can be different and even produce WebP images!!!

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