How to make a better calculator tool?

I finished this calculator tool for a client’s website a little while ago.
But now they’ve come back and asked me to make it look better:(

Frankly, I haven’t a clue how I can make it prettier apart from getting rid of all the text they’ve put before it on their page.
Any suggestions are gratefully received!

It’s basically a form, and forms can be styled very nicely with CSS. Perhaps do some Googling on fancy form design to get some design inspiration. There’s a lot out there, and even a SitePoint book.

Thanks for the link. Will take a looky now

I think it’s just a matter of changing the background colors, adding a title to the calculator and making it stand out a bit more. Try creating several versions to compare and find out what style they like best.

Also, suggest moving the calculator ABOVE the text on the page, this will give it more precedence.

I totally agree with you there, but the client has decided otherwise :frowning:
Going to show my new designs to the client on Monday…snow permitting…