How to make a 301 redirect for this?

I have been entrusted to do search engine optimization for my client’s website, all the pages are in HTML. The problem is , i saw pages with same content but two different names for it. what i have to do to make 301 redirect for those pages which duplicates the content. suggestion please.

Put this in your .htaccess file and smoke it:

Redirect 301 /old.html

What I usually do is keep the text editor open after I’ve saved the changes to .htaccess, upload it, and then check that it performs the redirect properly. That way, if anything goes wrong you can just ctrl-z, resave the file and re-upload it the original version.

Im using a windows server i do not have access to .htaccess file in windows server. How to do it in windows server.

Check out this resource for your Windows server:

There are many different ways to do a 301 redirect. Have you also considered the possibility of using canonical pages? Google talks about that here:

You’re probably correct in that a 301 redirect is the best solution but I would weigh both options first.

Thank you.


Assume you have a website and you make a redirect such that every time any visitor types in the URL he is automatically redirected to If the Search Engine is not able to follow the redirect it would think that NO contents, would end up ranking very badly in search engines.
This tools assist you resolve if the redirect you have created is Search Engine Friendly.