How to make 9 points at border image?

I have an image, it’s have got the green border and 9 red points at one as below:

How can I make them? Have any suggest? Thank for watching.

Your image link is broken. Why have you posted this in the .Net forum?

I need some advices for this. I want to use c# to do. If I post wrong, please delete or remove. Thank you!

This is my picture:

I assume you’d need a graphics program to create something like that—such as Photoshop … unless I’m missing the point here.

So I still don’t understand what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to make an image so it can be resized within the browser so you want the 9 red points around the image so the user can drag the image in any direction?

Or are you trying to achieve something else?

Oh! Thank for your answer. I’m installing free transform using c#. Not PTS or any graphics program.