How to login in gmail with my own domain name?

Hi friends,

I have designed one website & I have my email id with the domain name. Now I want to login in gmail with that email id or whatever emails I get that should be come into gmail account. Can any one help me to configure this.


Can you be more clear on what you want? Are you saying you got an email like and you want to forward emails to your GMail account?

You can either redirect you emails to Google, as grannygooat says, or you can set things up so that your MX records point to Google, and receive and reply to emails with your own domain name while using GMail:

If you are using cPanel to manage your website then you can set your gmail address as forwarder for your website email address so that emails send to your website email address can directly forward to your gmail address.

Some hosting companies also provide a Google Apps connector/tool to make this easier :slight_smile:

could you tell me what the name of that connector/tool of google apps…?

We wrote ours in house and just called it Google Apps.

Ok, No one is understanding Your question. :slight_smile: Ok i am going To tell you the solution
First login in Your cpanel add a forwarder >>> Your gmail email address.
Now login To your Gmail >> (At Top) settings >> accounts>> Add another email address.
Now you will receive a mail which will be in your gmail. Just verify that . Now you can receive and send emails directly from gmail To your own branded email address. and You can Login in Your gmail account with your own branded email.

Hope it will help You. :slight_smile: any more problem related this then PM me or write here. :slight_smile:

Hi diam0nd. That’s interesting. I’ve seen the add another account option in Gmail, but wasn’t sure what it was for. I thought it was for other Gmail addresses. Just to clarify: I know you can forward copies of branded emails to your Gmail address. But if you then set up that branded email as a second address in your Gmail account, does that mean you can answer emails from that branded account?

You can use gmail apps buisness which is really helpful for you.
first go to google apps then verify your mail account with domain name then just activate it so simple way.

Yes, thanks, I know about that option. I was just wondering if its an option with regular Gmail, which seemed to be implied above.

Yes you can send and receive emails from branded email addresses to your GMail account (I have about 5 going into mine) - you can even set up different signatures for each address.

If you send from that address through Google’s SMTP servers, the email sent says it was sent from on behalf of which can be a little confusing for people. You can use your own SMTP server here though and then it will just be from as normal.

Thanks masm50. That link is interesting—yet another version by Google. Man, how many pages do they have on this subject?

Does this just apply to sending from your email client (like Outlook) or if you are sending mail through the GMail interface too?

when you configure your webmail, you get an option of redirecting and managing mails from your personal account. You can go with this option and enter your gmail address there.