How to load same index.php differently for different users?


I’m currently building a Calender event program in HTML, PHP and MySQL

The Calender file I downloaded online has the main index page named index.php. I’m currently using MAMP virtual server

How can I load it through my database ? Please help

How does the site “know” which user? Do you have a username / password “login” system so you’re storing a user id in something like a session? If you do, then you’d retrieve that information at the start of your index.php, validate the user id to make sure it’s not been spoofed, then use that id to retrieve the information that you want to display in the calendar.

already fixed that. I created separate index.php files and then linked them to the users separately

Oh, OK. That’s one approach, but a bit of a pain when you have several hundred users.

yeah I know. It’s just a sample program I’m testing.

For complete I will be using database for sure

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