How to load iframe with ajax after click event

I’m using WordPress for my website I’m trying to use my single-post template as an iframe in a specific location on the page.

I can filter the posts by filters i set, but what i would like to do is Once I’ll click the title of the post, I would like that the window with the posts list will change to the post page, meaning it will not show all the page itself but just the post content. As well it’s important to note that I would like to go back to the search results (the posts lists) on the same window.

I’m not sure how to approach this, 'll be happy for some direction!

enter image description here


I am not sure why you have an iframe at all. I mean, you are talking two different templates here right? One for the page which lists the posts based on your filters, then when they click the article they go to a “single post” which uses a different template to show the data of a single post (its heading, body etc.)

Am I not understanding something here? Again, one template which you use for listing posts based on filters and another template to show the post they clicked on. Because I assume these posts are also stand alone and could be hit from something like a standard search result.

Or are you talking about wanting the “shell” of phase1, but with the body of a post as phase 2? Where you have a post as a stand alone page as well as being viewable through the list page?

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