How to load data of one domain to another domain without use of any file in php

assume we have domain

And we have another domain

Files are on the domain but i want to show data of to without placing any files of that code.

Please help me out…

If I understand the question correctly, isn’t it just a case of configuring your web server to use the same virtual directories for both domains? Then whichever you connect to, the same files are delivered. Or is there more to it than that?

yes you are right, i want to configure my web server to use the same virtual directories for both domains

OK, I can’t help on that but it will probably help others if you post what web server you are using. And it’s probably not a PHP thing.

Moved to Server Config.

Can you explain how the files are stored on and how you want to retrieve the data. An example would be better.

Php file_get_contents(…) may be worth investigating.

J_B is correct because you cannot redirect to another domain and leave the original URL in place. If you want to stay at but display’s content, you will need to read the content of and display it on your page.

The question is WHY (because this is something a content pirate would do)?



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