How to link to an iframe page then ANCHOR

How to do a link to an iframe page that calls up a page to go in the frame then proceeds to an anchor in that page (phew!)?
Please read carefully.

Code in the iframe page (page_one.htm), the one that creates the iframe (the “window” in the page that the “called” pages peer through ) and that then calls a page (page_a.htm, page_b.htm etc ) to appear in the iframe:

[INDENT]<p align=“center”>
<iframe name=“frame_01” height=“530” align=“center” width=“550” frameborder=“0” src=“page_a.htm”>
<p align=“center”> </p>[/INDENT]

My site has a link to the iframe page and the iframe page has a link to its first victim in the code. From there on each “called” page (the ones that peer through the “window” or hole - page_a.htm, page_b.htm etc) there are links to call siblings to replace the one that does the calling.

All cool.

But what to do when we want to do a link from another unrelated page that
Calls the iframe page (the one with the hole)

then calls into the iframe page, the right page,

then travels to the target spot on that page by using an anchor.

Hit me with xml or something smart and you will lose me.
Can we do it with simple link stuff like above?
Many thanks in advance

You can call a particular point in the iframed document in just the same way that you link to a bookmark - <iframe src=“page_a.htm#anchor1”>

I’m not aware of any way that you can use plain and simple HTML to determine the iframe src other than by having it hard coded into the page. You could probably do it by putting the iframe src page as a query parameter in the URL (eg <a href=“page_one.htm?iframe=page_a.htm&jump=anchor1”>) and then using PHP to create the iframe tag, but I don’t know enough about PHP to do that…

Next question - given that iframes are a scourge of the internet, and destroy usability, accessibility and crawlability, why do you want to use them?