How to link anonymously?

i want to have links on one of my webpages but i don’t want referrers of users who click those links letting the site owners of the site being linked to that my page is linking to theirs. stop the users’ browser referrer from working for this particular case. how to do that?


You can’t effectively do things to the browser. You could punch the link through some web of deceit so that your site don’t appear to be the referrer. That would be morally and perhaps legally wrong depending on jurisdiction.

no, no. i’m talking about what, say, this website does Hide Referrer | link to other sites anonymously! - Anonym surfing - Anonymous Redirector - Hide Refer Link - Easy Redirect. but i want to do that on my site.

it obviously involves a redirection. rather than link directly to the site, the links in the webpages would be [noparse][/noparse] (but url encoded), then whatever is at does its thing, redirects to [noparse][/noparse] but having made sure no identifying info goes with the request.

the question is, what should myanonymiser be? as i say, obviuosly redirection but how to ensure no stuff gets taken with the request?