How to Legally Use Content from Other Sites?

I’m wondering how to legally use content from other sites for your blog or news site. Do you just have to cite the source of where you get content from? Let’s say on my blog, I create a post “Top 5 GTD Apps for Your Mac.” Then I get this information from various source online. Do I have to cite them in the blog post? Anyone have guidelines on this? Thanks.

Unless you have permission to use content, be very careful. As long as everything is in your own words and you cite the sources where you got the information that you based your content on you should be OK. When in doubt, contact the source and ask.

To legally use content from another site, ask for permission from the owner and then save a copy of that permission where you can easily access it if there are any queries about it later.

I think you have to ask a permission first or at least give the URL of your source. You have to credits the writer. Or at least create your own summary and share the link instead of copying everything.

I’m doing this one so the real source will benefit from my post too!

Just crediting the site you stole content from doesn’t stop it being theft. You need to have the permission of the author before you display their content on your site.

Rewrite it in your own words and add your points. Randomize it.

I think the accepted internet norm is to quote a PART of the article, not the whole thing. Maybe a sentence or two, or a paragraph with a link back to the original article. That usually is enough to keep you on a good legal ground. However, on occasion someone will complain and you’ll have to take it down, 99% of the time you’ll be fine.


ask permission and acknowledge the owner…

Rewrite it I’d say…they teach you that even in colllege…lol

I agree too !!!