How to Lazy Load only Selected Images on Selected Pages?

Hi, I have one single page (of many) on my site where I want to lazy load images…

And on that specific page I don’t want to lazy load the first 2 images.

How can I achieve this?

Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

P.S. I’m using Wordpress for the site in question.

There are a number of WordPress plugins that are used for lazy loading images. Have you done a search there for anything that might be suitable?

I think you can check EWWW Image Optimizer in this purpose.

Hi guys, yes of course I’ve looked at the regular lazy load WP plugins, they don’t allow this level of specificity in their settings though, so I’m guessing I need to include lazy load script manually and then configure the code myself. But how? Where do I start? And what’s the best option for that?

About “EWWW Image Optimizer” My images are already optimized using JPEG mini, so that"s already taken care of.

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