How to know whether email is opened or not

my requirement is to know how many users opened my email…
I want to insert 1*1 image and track the status which stores in database automatically when a particular user opens my email

or else i want the code to insert img when i am sending email that automatically downloads when user opens

In some cases it may work to user only a teaser in the email with a link back to the full content. Of course this still won’t guarantee 100% accuracy, however you will be able to judge who is clicking and what content is most important.

That will not work nimm as Alan had stated. The only way an image will auto download, for most clients, is if the person recieving your e-mail, white lists that address. Usually that means they have to add that address to their address book. Then sometimes I think mine stll asks…

Personally I tend not to add newsletter addresses to my address book because I know I can’t e-mail them, so why would I want to see the address when scrolling through my address book or pop up on auto-complete? So I can see a logo when I get an e-mail? That is hogwash, a logo won’t make or break an e-mail for me.

[Paul beat me]

That code does not exist. Email clients are getting much smarter these days. They won’t even download images unless the user gives explicit permission to download them.

and as far as I know, even if you can confirm that your emailed was opened you can’t tell with 100% certainty whether the intended recipient opened it or if it was opened by someone else.

You also can’t tell with 100% certainty if the email was then actually read or not after it was opened.

Hi, unfortunatelly this is not possible anymore. All modern email client software (and web clients like Gmail etc.) will not download any images by default. I don’t think there is a way to track how many users opened an email, unless you ask them to perform an action like clicking on the link.

I know we can write code using php,but how i dont know

first we give public url for src in image tg,by using that when user opens automatically image will load,so how many times it is loaded that count will be stored in database.