How to know the keywords are promoted or picked by Google in my single webpage

This issue came into my mind and I didn’t get any exact answer to my problem.

I don’t think Google “picks” keywords for a page, as such. It analyses your page to see how closely it matches the search terms for any given search.

This video might help explain:


Thank you so much for your answer.

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I’ve been looking throughout my life for my question, but I never felt I could even ask a question on the forums.

2016 was the last time I uploaded my sitemap.

Is that impacting my website ranking of searches.

If it’s still accurate, then there is no need to update it.

Indeed, you may well not need a sitemap at all. (None of my sites has one.)


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Thank a lot @TechnoBear :green_heart:

If I have any further questions to ask. Do I quickly use this same chat.

It’s best to start a new thread for each different question.

That means anyone else coming along at a later date with a similar question can more easily find the information they want.

I can also recommend reading Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. It’s full of useful information.