How to know a website of SEO Onpage in Completed

I have completed On-page SEO of my website and I need to confirm that it has been done On page?

Sorry, but I don’t understand the question.

You’ve just stated:

so you know what you have done. In what way do you need to “confirm” this?


There are many free websites that help you to Check your Onpage ranking. The best place where you can check your rankings are:

Those kind of automated tests may give you some pointers, but you need to interpret the results and judge for yourself if they are right.

I tested the first one on a page of one of my sites. It told me to put important content above the fold. It already is above the fold. It also picked out keywords which are not relevant for my search traffic and advised me to target them, and rather curiously told me there were “0 pages indexed for this site”. Indexed where? Because this site consistently appears at the top of the search results for my chosen keywords in Google, Bing and Yandex. (The competition is low, but my point is that the site is performing very well for those keywords I need to target, and the “advice” in this report is not relevant to my site.)

I tested the second one on It told be nothing - literally. Said it was unable to find titles, meta tags or anything else, which is clearly nonsense. I couldn’t make another attempt because the “free” version is limited to once per day.

As my think, I have completed On-page SEO. like, Responsive, website speed, best titles. keywords, description, canonical tag, Robots.txt, connect with google webmaster.

So I need help Whats I do more On-page SEO to get perfect and strong SEO site.

If you’ve followed the guidelines given by Google (and Bing, or whichever other major search engines may be relevant to your audience), then the only other thing you need to work on is your content. At the end of the day, it’s the actual site content which will be indexed and returned in search results. You can help the process by doing all the things you’ve listed, but the content is the key.

Also make sure your HTML is correctly structured, with headings and other tags used semantically. Check your pages in the validator and fix any coding errors, which might make it difficult for bots to crawl and index your pages.

Yes, that ^

With 141 errors, I would say that you have not completed your on-page SEO

You can also use it will help you mostly all issue shows in your site

I used tool this is providing me a better solution if you compare to another tool. I got some issue in site. I will sure finish this problem.
Thanks for your suggestion.

My 2nd question about off-page SEO

when I have completed On-page SEO and I need to do Off-page SEO, So what is my first Off-page work to get quick rank business name and keyword rank.

I wouldn’t worry about off-page SEO yet.
I’d get a start at those 141 errors first.
Fix those then start adding content to your site.
You will very likely find that SEO will take care of itself without you needing to worry about it.

But for a good place to get good answers

You should really start a new topic for a new question. However, as @Mittineague has indicated, the search engine guidelines are, again, the place to look for advice. List your site with the major search engines, and create local business listings, such as Google My Business (if the business has a physical location) - and then stop and think very carefully before doing anything else. There are no quick-fixes or shortcuts to the top in SEO. Don’t try creating multiple links in the hope of manipulating rankings, because that technique is years out of date and is more likely to get your site penalised than promoted these days.

If you look around the forums, you will find multiple threads on this topic, such as How can i improve my off page SEO

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A few days ago I request my business in google, and now I am waiting for their response. What I can do right now for my website as you suggest business listing.

I certainly agree with what has been said here, I can only add to it.
Seo is an ungoing process so from time to time you will need to revisit
certain elements of your site.

Hi, right now there are two more things that are really important for on-page seo. Check if you have implemented these.

  1. Structured Markup according to
  2. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

You can confirm both of these with Google web console.


Just to clarify here: it is important to have mobile-friendly pages, but it is not necessary to use AMP to achieve that.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes AMP is not mandatory but mobile friendliness can be achieved by AMP. The question was whether the on-page checklist has been completed or not. AMP could be included to put an addon.

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