How to keep personal pic on Windows startup

Hi, Recently i saw somewhere,

when system startup its showing personal pic instead of WINDOWS XP at start up…(when windows starts loading) can anyone tell me how to put image over there…

You probably will need to edit/hack ntoskrnl.exe to change the ‘Windows XP boot logo’, which can be dangerous. I assume you are talking about the boot logo and not your desktop wallpaper.

If you want to customize your boot/startup sequence dump Windows and move to a Linux distro. It takes some doing but can be done quite elegantly.

Yeah, because linux solves every problem.

Messing with the little windows logo in the “DOS” phase of startup isn’t really possible, but you can change the desktop background displayed at the login screen. See these instructions for XP or these for [URL=“”]Win7.

Could you let me know any website which contain step-by-step information.

Really really easy if you use BootSkin (;1)

Otherwise, as xhtmlcoder said, you can use Resource Hacker or similar and play around with ntoskrnl!

Please Refer [URL=“”]Ehow

for changing the personal picture instead of Windows startup Loading image.

the link you provided, is for changing user image not windows startup. anyway thanks.