How to integrate facebook and twitter in php and best php ide on windows and linux

Hi guys,
please i like to know how to integrate facebook and twitters into a php application and which php ide is considered the best on windows and linux;also i want to know what you guys think about dreamweaver.i’m new to php(but not programming:java) and i have covered so grounds and i need to develop a php webapp that links to facebook and twitter pls point me in the direction where i can get some material to learn how to go about it.I have also gone through dreamweaver but i want to get to hear from you guys.pls i lean more towards the free php ides but wont mind knowing about the paid ones as well.Thanks

How would you like to integrate facbook, twitter etc?
If you would like like users to “Like” it on facebook, Or put it on their “wall” (“tweet” it)
Than check out Facebooks developpers page or [URL=“”]twitters dev space, however these are not PHP solutions, here JavaScript is used…
or use services like ShareThis,[URL=“”]AddThis or [URL=“”]AddToAnny

Thanks Gar onn, i’ll try out those site and then if i still need further assistances i’ll let you know.