How to install seo plugins in WordPress?

I am facing some trouble with installing seo plugins in WordPress. I would like to know the right way to install it in my wordpress site.

What kind of trouble do you have exactly? It should be as easy as uploading the .zip file of the plugin or just install it from the ones available through the search field in the WP plugins section of the control panel.

uplaod a Zip file from Hosting Control panel under wp-content->plugin extract from Cpanel and Go to WP Dasboard and you will see installed plugin in under Setting Tab :slight_smile:

Use your FTP to install plugins for WordPress. I find this is the easiest way to install multiple plugins at once without having to manually install each one from the WordPress dashboard.

I do it via the plugins section within Wordpress. Click Add new. Then search and install.

Which plugin do you use? You should use the plugin SEO by Yoast

Just search the pluging from your wordpress back end and you will get your suitable plugins and then install it

I think wordpress is seo friendly enough. We don’t need any plugins specifically for seo.

If you do need it, you can log into the admin panel and go to the plugin section, there the program can add new plugins automatically for you. You just need to provide your ftp account.