How to install IE 11 windows 8?

how to install IE 11 windows 8 ?

link says

Is there any way to install IE 11 in windows 8 ?

What’s your default IE? The one installed RIGHT now?

default is IE10 .

I have a page which I want to test in IE11 …so I want to install IE11

IE10 is virtually dead and has less usage than all the other versions so just upgrade IE10 to IE11. IE11 is the most used of the IE versions now and is the one that you should be testing in as a default (for the IE family).

The most used browser these days is chrome so you need to be using that as a default testing browser as usage far surpasses IE.

If you switched on automatic updates IE10 would have updated to IE11 automatically anyway which is why there are very few people using it.

If you go to Help → About Internet Explorer
You will see a modal with an “Install new versions automatically” checkbox

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