How to install on google chrome

Followed the instructions on this website and it works fine in mozilla but not in chrome.

Works for me. You know how you bookmark a page? Well do that, a bar is there holding that page now (right below the URL)

Drag that link in the instructions, over your bookmarked page (really anywhere on the bar) and it works. I also notice there’s a little gray box on the top right hand of the screen where I can click that and use it.

Thanks for that link :D.

Still hasnt worked for me in chrome!

What happens when you try it?

Works fine for me, too. I’ve been using this for a while, and it’s awesome. Works in all browsers including IE9 (but not below, as far as I can tell. Sort of installs in 8, but not much more.)

Are you sure you’re dragging the right link?

I was goign to ask him to create a video of him doing it (due to the nature of the issue) but I suppose that’s not really feasible…though if it IS possible we’d love it. It’s probably something stupid going on.