How to inspect full meta tag in google search engine

So i was working for my client on a website seo improvement ops, and I’m a marketing graduate so i know little about tech stuff.

I drafted the whole meta tag as (forgive me , my client is a Hong Kong website)

However, from the search engine, it only showed a part of the text

Then my client became kind of confused and unsatisfied with the result, say that the whole full text should show up properly on the search engine. Even i inspected the element, the whole meta description did not come out, so this is kind of confused for me as well. Can anyone help?

For your reference, you can search banana portal in google or go inspect the header tags, which idk what’s wrong :

thank you so so much

It is quite common for search engines to truncate descriptions like this in SERPs when it considers them to be too long.
This is why tools like Google Search console often shows things like "meta description too long (or too short) in HTML improvements.
I have not seen Google’s recommendations for the optimum length, but IIRC Bing suggests a maximum around 160 characters.

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Google does not guarantee to use the meta description text at all, but may instead use text from the page.

So the bottom line is, you can’t control what Google displays; you can only provide good descriptions and hope they will be used.

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