How to insert featured image with external image link?

I want to add some affiliate posts on a wordpress website and they are around 150 in total. I was just wondering if there is any way to avoid keeping the images in the hosting? I have to keep adding these posts in future as well and keeping lots of images on the site is not wise (as far as I know). These product posts are related to amazon and some other top ecommerce sites.

Is it possible to use image link to pull the featured image directly from these sites? Or any plugin which can make it possible?

Did you try searching for this? I used Google with the expression “WordPress + featured image from external source” and the first one that I came up with was Nelio External Featured Image. I’m sure there are others. Go to and check out their plugin repository.

Yes, I tried google, but not with the terms which you used to search. I was able to find some plugins which can either reduce the size or ask me to upload the image to any cloud-based service and fetch them from there, which doesn’t solve my issue.

Even the plugin which you mentioned (nelio external image) is providing the same solution of storing images somewhere else and then using them. But, as I mentioned, I want to pull the images directly from the sites. For example, I want to create a review for an amazon product, for that particular product, I want to use the image link which is there on amazon and show it as featured image in my post. I am trying to achieve the same for websites other than amazon.

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