How to increase website traffic

I have two websites, one lists important dates and events from world history [ ] and the other is an online collection of popular jokes and quotes [ ].

I have submitted the site urls to major search engines and directories, but still unable to drive traffic to the sites.

Can anyone please suggest, how to increase the traffic to the sites.

Thanks in advance.

It’s surprising, I would have guessed to get more traffic than it does.
But seems very new, plus if they are jokes found everywhere else and nothign original, could be hard.
But for hisdates I don’t know why you don’t get more searches, you must be competing in very low webmaster competition in this niche, there are plenty of space on the first page fo google results for most search queries.

I would only suggest adding backlinks to it from other sites, just focus on that for a whole month and see.

But then also, those two sites will never get really a lot of traffic, it’ll be hard to ever get over a thousand unique visitors a day.

Article Submission and Social networking like facebook, twitter

First of all, you can try social bookmarking. Try submitting your domains on most popular social networks and see how it works for you. Traffic should be increased without any problems.

However, your sites must be good quality to attract more and more new visitors.

Forum posting, social networking, social bookmarking…


Personally, I’d do this:

  1. write awesome content
  2. submit to article directories
  3. turn content into a pdf
  4. submit the pdf to document sharing sites (like docstoc, scribd, etc)
  5. turn content into an audio
  6. submit to podcast directories
  7. use Windows Movie Maker or another similar program to put an image on the audio file, making that audio into a video file (and watermark your URL on it)
  8. submit that video to video sharing sites with wither TubeMogul or TrafficGuyser
  9. put both the video and article on your blog, then ping the blog
  10. update Twitter and Facebook that you made a new blog post, and ask for a retweet (assuming you have either the sociable or TweetMeMe plugin installed)

And that should pretty much do it if you knock that out on a daily basis. Do it for a week straight, every day, and you’ll have a huge jump-start.


Hello, I would like to suggest you to do post forums regularly, blog commenting, article submission, bookmarking in top sites, free directories submission in high Page Rank directories and write blogs for your site. Work on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and like others. Last month I got so many traffic from facebook and communities.

Thanks and Regards
Austin Parkar

Find your targeted visitors… Like exchanging links in your related websites. Or promote it in social networks. Like twitter and facebook. I saw some jokes website in facebook creating their applications and I guess it works for them to drive traffic.

Search Engine Optimazation (SEO)

Article Submission
Directory Submission
Press Release Submission
Forum (Posting / Commenting)
Blog (Posting / Commenting)
Social Networking
Social Bookmarking
Social Media

Facebook > twitter > my space > free traffic system

Where is your traffic currently coming from? Is it direct, from Google, other sites, etc…? Update your site’s content more often, create more pages with content, get back-links out on the net, post on some forums about your site and write some articles about your site and release them to social bookmarking websites. These are a few things to start with.

Getting traffic to website is a must for all website owner.The fastest way to get traffic is using PPC ads such as Google Adwords but its costly and very expensive depending what niche you advertise. You can do article marketing,SEO,social media and etc to get traffic to your website but its required some work to do. Here’s some guide about how to get traffic to your website.Just download this FREE ebook and it will show you how to overdrive traffic to your website. Just go to and it will show you fastest way to get traffic and it do not require any single penny.

Well i gues everybody suggest all types of methods in order for you to increase your website traffic i just one to add for encouragement just be patience and more hard work. :slight_smile:

Hire a article writer and submit to as many directories as possible, but do it over 30 day period