How to Increase Website Traffic?

Hi Everyone,

I am working on the web since two years, I have bought domain name and I have made a website on WordPress on the topic Tutorials. But, my website traffic doesn’t increase. my domain age two years old and I have shared original content with attached video tutorial.

I have shared content on social media networks and I have made bundle of backlinks. But I can’t understand What I can Do?

Please Tell Me Now, How I can improve my website traffic. Please check my website and suggest me. Thanks

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Social media is a place for social interactions, not for advertising, so it will depend very much on how you’ve been using it whether or not it is likely to help. If you are posting interesting content, then people might be inspired to visit your site, but if you are just advertising, then you are likely to be wasting your time.

Your site is something of a mish-mash; you claim to be offering tutorials in Urdu, but your introductory text is all in English, as are many of your articles. Additionally, your information is unreliable and outdated, but you seem to have no interest in correcting it. You asked about this site under a different username earlier this year, and among other things, I told you then:

I will also ask you again to please remove SitePoint from the list on this page of your site: Forum links have been nofollow here for over five years, but inaccurate articles like yours encourage Spamming by people seeking backlinks. And as I’m sure you’ve already realised, there is no facility on this site for creating a signature, and adding signature links to a post is forbidden. Please correct your article.[/quote]

Yet here we are several months later and your site is still showing incorrect information.

My advice would be to work on the quality of your content; remove or update the out-of-date or incorrect articles. Nobody will want to use your site as a resource unless they can be sure the information found there is reliable.


Hi Dear, Thanks but really I am confused, please tell me details wise, I don’t understand out of date incorrect articles. What I Can do? please help me

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Dear has already explained

I will also ask you again to please remove SitePoint from the list on this page of your site:

Surely that’s clear enough?


Without wishing to be unkind, I can really only say that if you don’t understand this, you should maybe think about employing somebody with more experience to write articles for you. You need to at least be able to check the accuracy of your information before publishing articles.

I’ve given you an example above of incorrect information on your site, which you chose not to remove, even after having it pointed out to you that it was incorrect, and despite a request to remove it. That kind of behaviour will not get you known as a reputable site.

To use that same article as an example, you refer there to “high PR sites”. PR (PageRank) is calculated per page, not per site, so there is no such thing as a “high PR site”. A site may have a high PR home page, and much lower PR internal pages. In any case, Google has long since ceased to publish regular public updates for PR, so any information you find about it now will be outdated and probably inaccurate.

You use the term “dofollow”, which does not exist. Links may have the attribute “follow” or “nofollow”.

Links which you can place yourself - such as forum signature links - are regarded as virtually worthless by search engines. Google recommends such links are marked nofollow, which is what reputable sites such as SitePoint do.

I suggest you read and see for yourself how much of your advice is contrary to Google’s ToS, and therefore liable to result in a site being penalised.


Traffic is a problem of every new owner, youbare not the only one.
But do not worry. Follow my instructions, they will help you.

First of all search for keywords in your blog which have low competition and high search volume and then build backlinks to them to rank them higher.
I advice every new owner to start with low competitve keywords.


@usamaazam1993: please take time to read a topic in full before replying. The post immediately before yours explains why your advice on link building is at best a waste of time.

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Here are some questions you must answer yourself.

Are you targeting your traffic/keywords?
Are the keywords related to the customers you are trying to attract?
Are you getting good backlinks? You need relevant and authority backlinks.
Are you testing your content with different audiences?
Is there a action to call?

There are so many questions you need to ask. People will go to websites, pages, pictures, links, etc. that are fun and they like. Inform your audience and keep them engaged. If you keep them engaged your traffic will come. For instance, I just built a website from scratch in October and I have about 100 visitors a day just by doing only building my back links.

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Go through this link it may help you.

Hey 786asadullahjokhio,

Have you used to post your site on reddit, Inbound, Flipboard, Digg, Stumble upon sites ?

Because i have gotten a lot of traffic by these sites. you can try these sites.

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IMHO, there is no point in trying to promote a site on social media, bookmarking sites or anywhere else unless it has content worth promotion.

(The OP does not seem interested in improving the content of his site, and hasn’t returned to this topic in over a month, so continuing to offer suggestions seems a bit pointless.)

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To increase website traffic is not that simple, also can increase the traffic if you follow the bellow article

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