How to increase website traffic using organic SEO?

As has already been explained several times in this thread links which you place yourself are at best useless. Reputable sites will mark such links as nofollow, rendering them useless for SEO. Placing links with the intention of manipulating rankings is a violation of both Google’s and Bing’s TOS, and may lead to your site being penalised.

Build your website for Users, Not for Search Engines. Relevant Content, Services and Pricing Pages, Proper Call to action, Website Loading time, User Experience these are all factors. Once the website is up and running, you can start focusing on SEO.

First thing first is you should analyze what your website niche is.

Determine what keywords you would want to target and look for free keyword tool. Google has one, the Google Keyword Tool. You just have to log-in using your gmail account.

Also, giving valuable inputs in a form of blog commenting or if the blog author allows you to have a guest blogging then that would be great. It will give you a chance to prove that you have something useful and helpful to share with his/her audience. Also, let’s not forget the importance of socializing in forums. Just give solution to other peoples’ problem.

Try engaging in your Social Networking Sites and communicate with like-minded people. If they see that you give them what they need, chances are they will look at your website or blog.

And last but not the least (optional if you know how to do SEO), then avail the services of SEO company. Try <snip> website and see if they can help you.

If you know basic SEO and you are willing to devote your time into it, then go ahead and just be happy.

I hope I give some insights with regards to SEO stuff. Thank you.


@raymondseo88: please read a topic in full before replying. Many of the points you make have been made already, and rejected as having little or no effect on SEO.

Of course, if you have a more recent Google or Bing source to back up your opinions, we would be happy for you to share it.

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IMHO, that suggestion is not only not the least, it is also not even the last. That site offers “high PR backlinks” as a service. So that site is obviously way behind the times and using the service would result in negative SEO and would be more of a disservice for anyone foolish enough to use it.


Thanks for spotting that, @Mittineague; I missed the reference. I’ve now removed the site name, to prevent any newbies being mislead into using it. There were multiple problems with the “services” offered by that site.

As stated already in this topic:

Keywords. Keywords. Keywords.

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Use some search engine optimization tutorials that you will find online

That’s a very vague suggestion, @AnnaPaguia - and a dangerous one, too. Many so-called SEO tutorials are very out-of-date and advocate methods which have long since ceased to be effective and may even result in your site being penalised. The age of the tutorial is no guide; I have seen recent articles which still offer bad advice.

Online tutorials may be good, but accept everything with caution, and always check with the search engines’ guidelines to ensure the advice you take is sound.


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Create content that can be posted regularly. For example, people often pick up a newspaper to check sports scores or read the comics each day. In those cases, reader expect to have content that is relevant to them each day in the same place.

If you were doing a website on cooking, you could have “Healthy Snack Recipe of the Day/Week” and then you might develop a following.

I believe my advice would be “organic”.

Good luck!


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