How to increase website traffic using organic SEO?

You can simply market your website onto various niche websites using Social Media. On the other hand, you can use off page SEO tactics.

Thanking for provide sharing like. I were really looking for such SEO’s material.

Oh right. I should have mentioned this in my comment. Thanks for clarifying for everyone. :slight_smile:

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first of all you need to find the long tail keywords (LTK) for your website using keyword planner…LTK are easy to rank in search engines…then find the LSI keywords for your targeted keyword…now write and SEO optimized article with these set of keywords…try to write article of around 1000 words…this way you can bring your blog post on first page of search engine and this will really boost your website traffic…!!

Hey @shopieasy

You can increase your website traffic by following organic SEO techniques

  1. Keyword Research
    First, you want to find out “how people are searching”, you can use google keyword planner to know the competition of the keywords.
    There are so many times of keywords
    Short Tail Keywords
    Medium Tail Keywords
    Long Tail Keywords
    Brand Keywords

  2. Title Tag
    The title tag is an important factor in Onpage SEO, you have to include your keywords in the title tag, every page should have a unique title tag.

  3. Meta Description
    This is a short summary of your content, users first see the meta description, it should be between 140 -160 characters, you can use your brand name in the meta description.

  4. Image optimization
    search engines cannot able to crawl the images, so you have to optimize your image properly by adding keywords in the caption, adding keywords to the image file.

  5. Mobile friendly
    These days people are mainly surfing through mobile, so your website pages should be mobile friendly.

Lots of helpful information here in the thread already. As mentioned previously by other posters, it’s important that you first are offering the right content and targeting the right keywords; with that content being optimized for best relevancy towards that keyword. Thats the on-site, which seems that @gibintitus already went pretty in-depth there.

After which, you will start building relationships with influencers within your industry, bloggers, online groups. Once you have strong enough relationships built, it becomes easier to send them your relevant content and get links from authoritative sources. Thats the hard hustle route in a nutshell.


Focus on your Keywords and write articles with quality contents, use proper meta tags and Bookmarking will increase traffic to your Website. Other methods are link building, Social media promotion, and Article writing. There are a lot of Free Article and forum Sites are available on the internet. Choose them to Write your Quality and original content.

Create good quality back link use natural content and focus on on page SEO and analyze website on daily bases.

Once again, this topic seems to be drifting into vague SEO generalities. Please ensure that your replies address the issue of increasing traffic. General replies may be removed as fluff, and the thread is likely to be closed if it does not stay on topic.

if your website is new, you can have traffic from social, backlinks or ads. too hard to have traffic from google search if your website is not on TOP

I think this question couldnt answer in few words. i just wanna say, read and follow leading seo blogs. That’s it. Blogs like Backlinko, Moz, etc

For Increase particular website traffic there are lot of many factor are working you can start by choosing right keyword for your website which are high search keyword monthly then set it on you landing page after that start off page activity for getting quality of bakclinks like, social Bookmarking, Forum posting, Aritcle submission, Document Sharing, PPT and PDF Submission, Press release etc.

Social Networking site are also best option for getting high traffic. so write and blog and share it on social networking site.

As has already been explained several times in this thread links which you place yourself are at best useless. Reputable sites will mark such links as nofollow, rendering them useless for SEO. Placing links with the intention of manipulating rankings is a violation of both Google’s and Bing’s TOS, and may lead to your site being penalised.

Build your website for Users, Not for Search Engines. Relevant Content, Services and Pricing Pages, Proper Call to action, Website Loading time, User Experience these are all factors. Once the website is up and running, you can start focusing on SEO.

First thing first is you should analyze what your website niche is.

Determine what keywords you would want to target and look for free keyword tool. Google has one, the Google Keyword Tool. You just have to log-in using your gmail account.

Also, giving valuable inputs in a form of blog commenting or if the blog author allows you to have a guest blogging then that would be great. It will give you a chance to prove that you have something useful and helpful to share with his/her audience. Also, let’s not forget the importance of socializing in forums. Just give solution to other peoples’ problem.

Try engaging in your Social Networking Sites and communicate with like-minded people. If they see that you give them what they need, chances are they will look at your website or blog.

And last but not the least (optional if you know how to do SEO), then avail the services of SEO company. Try <snip> website and see if they can help you.

If you know basic SEO and you are willing to devote your time into it, then go ahead and just be happy.

I hope I give some insights with regards to SEO stuff. Thank you.


@raymondseo88: please read a topic in full before replying. Many of the points you make have been made already, and rejected as having little or no effect on SEO.

Of course, if you have a more recent Google or Bing source to back up your opinions, we would be happy for you to share it.

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IMHO, that suggestion is not only not the least, it is also not even the last. That site offers “high PR backlinks” as a service. So that site is obviously way behind the times and using the service would result in negative SEO and would be more of a disservice for anyone foolish enough to use it.


Thanks for spotting that, @Mittineague; I missed the reference. I’ve now removed the site name, to prevent any newbies being mislead into using it. There were multiple problems with the “services” offered by that site.

As stated already in this topic:

Keywords. Keywords. Keywords.

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Use some search engine optimization tutorials that you will find online