How to increase tweetes for my article?


I want to know how to increase tweetes for a new post. I do not have much tweet.

Please let me know.



First of all, your twitt must be indexed by google.
Secondly, you have to write something unique.
Thirdly, you should have many followers on twitter.
Finally, submit your content to article submission or PR sites.

Hope that works for you

Quality content is the first thing you should concentrate on…It automatically attract more visitors and increase your tweetes…and simultaneously You should regularly interact with your followers which also improves your chances of increasing twitter followers. Some of the best ways to interact is to reply to other people’s tweets or by retweeting.
and also try to Manage Multiple Twitter accounts.

One does not necessarily have to have a lot of followers for them to have a lot of re-Tweets. The moment that someone re-Tweets you, people on their network will see your Tweet, and they’ll have the chance to re-Tweet it. Well, given that your Twitter account’s public, by the way. Your Tweets should be something that’s definitely worth spreading around the Internet.

firstly increase followers on twitter
and other is Retweeting your article at different times

How to index tweet?

SEO is not the first, second or third benefit of twitter. Focus on providing value both in what you broadcast and reply back with to grow your network… That’s where the results come from.

You can possibly index it by building backlinks on it. But, you can get more value on using your twitter account if you build a targeted list of people that are interested on your site.

Thanks everyone for helping.

  1. Get more followers.
  2. Write something useful.
  3. Tweet the content 2-3 times the day you release it, depending on when your users are most likely to be using twitter.
  4. Test, test, test. ABT.

The more you write the interesting and valuable contents the better the chances of your articles being re-tweeted. Do it in natural and regular way.