How to increase Tweeter followers?

:lol: i think he is referring to Twitter and not Tweeter. =)

Well, as your concern, we’re using facebook for our traffic generating tasks.

use hashtags to come up on topics you tweet abt.

Be interesting.

Follow interesting, legitimate people. No one cares if you have 10,000 linkspammer bots following you.

Have conversations, don’t just shove links in people’s faces.

Be patient. You don’t need to get 8000 followers per day.


I saw many times that people use email marketing to increase followers but first of all you have to proof your quality because after see some thing some one can follow you.

Generally i use our website’s contact us page because many peoples come there for inquiry or question and he can follow easily from there.

Thanks :slight_smile:

no, i don’t

wtf is Tweeter? is it in any way related to Twitter?

I’m using that Twellow to look for more twitter related niche. About 3rd party software, never heard this before. Can you explain more of this?

I use a third party software to tweet periodically and it gains peoples attention.

There is also a twitter directory located at Twellow.

If you follow others, other will follow you back. It works pretty well.

That’s what I’m doing. Then, can you suggest me some tips here? :frowning:

You can use Twitter Match to find people interest in your keyword, this tool will follow them automatically. And after 4 days, you can delete them if they didn’t follow you back with Twitter Karma.