How to increase traffic gambling website

What is the best SEO technique for gambling site to increase traffic ?
I see so many betting site index on google site with high traffic, like poker online site, race betting site, dice etc.

i saw many gambling site on internet, and every years volume betting site increase so faster. Anyone else now how the fastest way to increase traffict for gambling website with keyword what i want? because when i type keyword about poker so many gambling poker site show up. If any one have trick or tips, can you share with me?

generate as many backlinks as u can…it will generate traffic and your site will be optimized as well…

… unless you’d prefer not to risk having your site penalised by search engines.

It is against the TOS of all the major search engines to create links with the intention of manipulating search results, and all warn that your site may be penalised as a result:

If you are creating multiple links solely for the purpose of driving traffic, then ensure they are marked “nofollow”, to avoid problems with the search engines.

you can make blogspot website(s) with articles and links to your websites. if you have a football website, you can post like Team A with Team B - ligue, date, or something elese on facebook or blogspot website with 2-3 days before match starts and will be indexed in google, yahoo or bing.

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