How to increase the number of webmaster clicks?

The number of webmaster click for my website keeps on fluctuating a lot. I really don’t understand what is the actual reason for it.
Also suggest me some ways and SEO activities I should regularly do to increase the number of clicks.

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I don’t understand what you mean by “webmaster clicks”. Are you referring to the number of clicks shown in Google Search Console?

What do you mean by webmaster clicks? If it’s your site and your the websmaster, surely webmaster clicks are the number of clicks you make on the site?

Yeah I mean the number of clicks shown on Google search Console.

I mean the number of clicks keeps on fluctuating a lot. Sometimes it shows very high and sometimes it goes down. Can you tell me the reason behind this or can you such me some ways/activities to increase the the clicks.

I don’t think there is any way to force visitors to click links.

But you can do things to make it easier for them. eg.

  • style links in the text content to look like links
  • make sure it’s made obvious what clicking a link will do
  • link to what visitors to that page might be interested in going to from where they are
  • have links that provide instant gratification (eg. no interrupting newsletter signup etc. stuff) i.e. relevant and fast loading

For example, you may have seen “20 things” sites that instead of having a single page with the 20 things has a series of pages containing single sentences and a whole mess of advertisements. IMHO these sites are designed for the purpose of getting ad impressions not visitors. I can’t speak for others, but personally when I happen upon such sites I have little patience to repeatedly click the “next” links and with time avoid the site entirely

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