How to Increase Pagerank of my website?

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I have a website with zero pagerank and I want to increase its PR. According to latest algorithms which method will be the best to get PR from Google? I appreciate all your suggestions.

PageRank is based, as it always has been, on the number and quality of incoming links.

Google removed PR information from Webmaster Tools five years ago, because they decided it was no longer important and not something they wanted site owners to be concerned about.!category-topic/webmasters/webmaster-tools/29GtmYDt8L0

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First of all create high pagerank blog commenting links for your site… this is the most important factor…

You have build some high pr and do follow links to your website with good domain authority. Then easily you will get page rank to tour website.


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Please read what knowledgeable and experienced people have written first, before posting total rubbish that isn’t true and has never been true. PageRank doesn’t matter at all. Forget it.[/font]


Before this thread gets more misleading nonsense,

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