How to increase my website traffic with SEO optimization?

I am an enthusiastic gift collector. I have more than 1000+ gifts in my collection and always looking for unique and sentimental gifts for my collection. How can increase my website traffic and more customer for my shop suggest me for SEO related and other solutions for my site

I’m confused.

You are a collector. You’re trying to add things to your collection. But you’re trying to get customers for a shop… which would presumably sell things… as in… remove them from the collection.


Well, making a post like this, you’re either a shill setting up a spam wave, which will be immediately deleted from the site, or you’re going to get a lot of the same trite responses to a very very broad question.

Have you done some basics?
Do you monitor your site’s traffic with something like Google’s search indexing tools?
As you’re running a business in the form of a shop, have you registered your site as a business with search engines? For that matter, are you registered as a business with your governmental agency-responsible?


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