How to increase followers through facebook on my website?

Facebook is growing rapidly and a many people are seeking information about how to increase followers. This is my website <snip> and I want to increase followers on my site through facebook.

I do not think so you will increase followers soon on facebook like community sites because you have to spend at least 2 hrs daily on the site and send request and add comments.

You will need to create a Facebook page for the site and post your facebook widget on your site.

Use other social networks such as Twitter to promote your facebook page as an e.g.

Here are some of the methods that we are using in generating traffic and marketing:


  1. Add people/send friend request using the “Are You Interested” application
  2. Creating of the website’s own Group and then invite your contacts to (join) the group

nice, i did try that, but still not getting as much traffic, anymore ideas?

As much traffic as what? What is your goal for yoru facebook page?

Use facebook friend bomber to add followers.Though I’ve not used it yet but read good reviews.

It depends on what kind of facebook page you have. FanPage of popular musician gets huge followers without doing anything. Similarly popular products (FMCG product like cola) do have much followers. Another way of getting followers is developing a relevant & engaging fb application/game.

Any tool called “bomber” is by definition simply going to mass aggregate fans and therefore not bring relevancy.

It’s essential to understand that Facebook’s system not only forbids certain automated means of adding friends but relevant (as in the engagement between your fans and your posts) has a significant correlation on the amount of times your posts are viewed. Through their “EdgeRank” system pages with low engagement rates are moved out of sight – having fewer fans who actually like the brand will result in more fans viewing in the end.

Case in point. One brand I worked with had nearly a 2:1 views to fans ratio at the 100k level. After the 500k mark that ratio had dropped to 1:4 so with 400k more fans they were getting less views. Today their focus is on upping relevancy, not aggregate numbers.