How to increase business facebook page visitors

Hi, I have a business facebook page and i want to increase visitors there. I did post and make comments, but the organic reaches are not sufficient at all. Please give me your suggestion regarding this. Thanks.:confused:

1st of all make your relation to your website where people can like your product .I use two special method to get traffic.To get a real likes Facebook advertising is best way to get traffic here you can target your audience rapidly. If you want organic so need make your post original .Content should be readable or Uniqe . Most important thing is You business image should be so creative . Even you share this post to your they must have to like or engaged to your product. Creativity on Image gives you traffic.

Hi Scott, Thanks for your valuable advice. But for the last two days i found that my facebook page visitors are decreasing. Don’t know why is this happening? Please tell me what should i do now? Thanks again.

If you want to increase likes and reach of your business FB page than I will suggest to use Facebook Advertising. It is the best way to get natural and real facebook likers who also has an interest in your products. Once you get good amount of likes, keep posting unique and interesting things on your FB page as suggested by Scott above and they will have no reason to dislike your page. If things posted by you are interested, they will definitely like it and also share it with others and that will converted into more likes. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi friends, Thank u very much that you all replied. Thought my business site is not so much creative and attractive, that’s why may be people are not liking on my page. For the last couple of months it was ok but now i found that my facebook page visitors are decreasing. I searched on google and found some information about it. So i am sharing the link with all of u. . Hope now all of you could understand my problem. Thanks.

To increase Facebook business page visitors you have to use following tips:

  1. Embed Widgets on Your Website.
  2. Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers.
  3. Make a Compelling Welcome Video.
  4. Make use of facebook Apps.
  5. Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature.
  6. Load Videos and Embed on Your Site.

I also had an unusual downdrop on my likes. Think its just a facebook bug but some of my likes were purchased so people are disliking them. Nice amount of likes though. I find that paying for exposure to directed audience really brings in people

Another suggestion is you really have to do some social networking strategies in Link Building. For ex. you can can also use your twitter account, meaning you can connect your twitter account to your Facebook so every time you tweet it integrates to you Facebook automatically so all your follower in twitter will have the chance to click your Facebook account or fan page.

short way to increase a facebook page is sign up on some traffic or like exchange website, promote your page on other page but free. may be its help you.

Try to take the benefit of images and video. With image write snippet content, tag your friend and then shared in groups. With video write short content and the share in related groups.

Thanks everyone. The answers are becoming redundant and general

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