How to increase alexa site linking?

I am working on a website which was having 12000+ alexa site linking but from past 3 months it is getting down day by day. What is reason behind it and how m i increase alexa site linking.

Do you mean that the number of backlinks which Alexa is showing for your site has fallen recently?

Have you checked any other source, such as Google Webmaster Tools, to see if that shows the same pattern?

It may well be that the number of your backlinks is decreasing. SitePoint is a long-established, reputable site, and according to Alexa has around 14,000 backlinks. If you have 12,000 backlinks to a recent site, then either your site is phenomenally good, or you’ve engaged in link schemes and other methods to create that many links. The problem with “manufactured” links like that is that they’re not real, and they’re likely to be deleted at any moment. Alternatively, perhaps Alexa has started to follow Google and discount obviously poor-quality links.

To me it seems that someone promoted the site in bulk directories, Alexa found the links, but now he finds the domain are expired, removed, etc.
So what you did ( or who did it first ) to get to 12.000+ … do it again.
However I think you should focus more in a good ranking in Alexa, not the backlinks that Alexa sees.

Thanks for suggestion.

also did your rankings dropped with amount of backlinks?

Really? The technique used has resulted in ephemeral links which didn’t last, and you’re recommending using the same approach again? And presumably again, and again, as those links also disappear. I can see no benefit at all in this - and a real risk of penalties from the search engines if they detect unnatural linking patterns.

Yes, that’s right it can be the reason of penalties. It take us a lot time and money to recover site from those penalties. Minimum it will take three months and can go to the six months.

I think your back links are get expired renew them and also create some other back link on high PR site that will defiantly help you out the problem.

Alexa rank depend not only on your site content but also depends on other site content and the way they use SEO techniques. To improve your website rank you must check that the content which you have written in your site is fresh and meta tags are properly made. Use better keywords which helps in increasing your site rank. Also, promote your site through SMO so that more and more users visit your site and this helps to increase your site alexa rank.

Thank you for contributing, but the question is not about Alexa ranking. It’s about the number of backlinks Alexa is showing.

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