How to include the rounded rectangle boxes to the text on Wordpress site

Hi Team,

I am totally new here, and would like to learn that how can I add rectangle rounded boxes to text (searchable text boxes). I don’t know how to do it so can any body suggest here pls?

Here is the example link. I want rounded boxes like this only and I will be adding the keyboard shortcut only to the site.


To get rounded corners on a box you can use the css property border-radius.


This sort of styling can be done using CSS. There are many themes out there that have built-in styles for rounded corners on buttons too :slight_smile:

Hi SamA74,

Thanks, but how to do it. In which CSS property I have to add coding. I am clueless. Could you please help me.

I know that it is possible since this is what i understood after reading few articles however with the current theme I have for my website, does not have built-in styles …so looking for some help from experts. :frowning:

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