How to include html variable to js with PHP


I have a code this code is repeated by row with different values per every row, and want to disable the add “plus” button if click on submit button.

I made it by i have to add the row id per each line manually in javascript, I am trying to find a way to make automatically.

my code:

      <h3 align="center"><?php echo $order_receiver_name; ?> - Cost  </h3>

      <br />
      <div align="right">
        <a href="cost.php?add=1" class="btn btn-info btn-xs">Create</a>
      <br />
      <table id="data-table" class="table table-bordered table-striped">
            <th>Cost No.</th>
            <th>Cost Date</th>
             <th>Project Name</th>
             <th>Project No.</th>
             <th>The Secotor</th>
            <th>Client Name</th>
            <th>Client Mobile</th>
            <th>Total Cost</th>

        if($total_rows > 0)
          foreach($all_result as $row)
            echo   "<tr>";
            echo   " <td>".$row["order_no"]."</td>";
            echo   " <td>".$row["order_datetime"]."</td>";
            echo   "<td>".$row["project_name"]."</td>";
            echo   "<td>" .$row["project_no"]. "</td>";
            echo   "<td>".$row["the_sector"]."</td>";
            echo   "<td>".$row["order_receiver_name"]."</td>";
            echo "<td>".$row["order_receiver_mobile"]."</td>";
            echo   "<td>".$row["order_total_after_tax"]."</td>";
            echo   "<td>";
            echo '<a href="print_invoice2.php?pdf=1&id='.$row["order_id"].'" target="_blank">PDF</a>';
            echo  "</td>";
            echo  "<td>";
            echo '<a href="cost.php?update=1&id='.$row["order_id"].'"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-edit"></span></a>';
           echo "</td>";
           echo  "<td>";
           echo '<a href="#" id="'.$row["order_id"].'" class="delete"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></span></a>';
           echo "</td>";
           echo "<td >";
           echo '<form onsubmit="onSubmit()" id="frm" method="post"  action="cost.php?updateQuot=1&id='.$row["order_id"].'" >';
            echo  '<input type="submit"  value="+" id="submitt" style="margin-left: 50px;"   class="btn_submit'.$row["order_id"].' glyphicon glyphicon-plus"

             echo "</form>";

               echo " </td>";

              echo "</tr>";

    echo "var jsvar ='$abc';";
  function onSubmit() {
   $('.btn_submit'+jsvar).attr('disabled', true);


I want a way to when click on input submit to make the JS take this value btn_submit'.$row["order_id"].

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