How to include Google News in webpage?

Does anyone knows where to find the code to include the google news feed within the plain HTML web page?


I think I will be able to manage from here.

re:weblink. You seem to confirm they are manipulating google news results. I suspect they might even do this manually so they directly point to results without having to tell about google news and it shows in the links.

Thank you for your help

It was really appreciated.

I am not able to find how this website gets its feed from google news

at the left under the newsletter sign-up

Thank you.

There are a few samples of how to incorporate News into your webpages:

Check this out from Google Code Playground - they have lots of options there to help choose which best suits you. Alternatively you might find this even easier:

@Website link: It looks like they have created a table and linked to those articles - It’s not clear if they are directly linked with any Google News Feed or not as their code does not provide any indication that is it synching with it. I would suggest reading the articles above as you will start off on the correct footing, it’s always best to show visitors where content is pointing to otherwise it’s all a bit murky.

You’re welcome Stephabel, ask away, sometimes we need a little helping hand to point us in the right direction. Best of luck with your webpage :slight_smile:

I had found the first link which is not helpful at all, IMHO, but your second link is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you.

Hey Stephabel :slight_smile:

I’ve found this article for you which pretty much sums up what you’re looking for:
Google News on my Website & the Code & How to Guide