How to improve?

i am a newbie of php,but have know some basic grammar of, the thing confused me is that the ability of my php programming can’t have a distinct improvement,if someone tell me to write a function by php, i almost don’t know where to begin, i don’t know how to change this.i am also familiar with html and css. ,? thank you.hope someone can give me some tips.

thanks for all your tips.any other one have tips?

Buy a book and go. I would suggest very popular book in sitepoint:

Figure the damn thing out. Its simple =)

If you cant imagine how to code a function, sit down and figure out how to do it. There is a plethora of resources online right at your fingertips. Use them.

You will be surprised how much you are capable of, if you simply take the time to understand the problem at hand rather than get spoon fed of a tutorial.