How to improve website keyword ranking?

I done all SEO activities to improve my website keyword ranking like,

Social Bookmarking
Directory submission
Local Listing
Article submission

anybody please suggest me, now what i do to improve website keyword ranking.

Most of the things which you have listed will have little or no effect on your site.

Links which you place yourself are regarded as pretty much worthless by search engines (and reputable sites will mark them nofollow, as we do here). Links which you place with the intention of manipulating search ranking are a violation of both Google’s and Bing’s guidelines, and may lead to your site being penalised.

What matters for SERPs is the actual content of your pages.

As you’re clearly new to SEO, I recommend you read and follow Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

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I learned something different with this thread. thanks for sharing ypour knowledge guys! keep it up.

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