How to improve Website Conversion?

Hi there,

I have started up an online baby store about several months ago. I have paid advertising for targeted audiences. The advertisement is effective in bring visitors. However, the conversion rate is much less that I expected. I appreciate any suggestions that can help me to improve the conversion rates.

Many thanks

Absolutely getting traffic from advertisement is sure but does the audience buys from my store, keep in mind as a new online store, these audiences you see do have a place where they buy product before the existence of your store, the idea here is that you just don’t bring them to your store, but also convince them that you’ll give them more than they get before, if this comes in the line then you need to study your competitors who use the same target audiences as you, get to know of their strategy, prices, products and as well as other things that they do which is missing in your store.
However, you need to know that not every person that visit your store through the advert is interested in what you offer, so here what you need to do is check not about the target audience but about the keyword you use for the advertisement. In advertisement, keyword serve as a tool of conversion and leading to increase sales through advert, once you target the right audience with the wrong keyword, definitely is like you’re forcing them to visit your store.
My say here is that try other relative keywords so that your adverts will show in the right place to the right audience, and one more thing, think of a person who is hungry and you brought him his favorite dish, just imagine how he will enjoy that. That’s how right audience and right keyword works, I hope this helps you. Wish you luck.

All depend on the product, for example, Pop traffic is kind on traffic source, you can use also PPV I don’t know how to target the views on it to be more effective, if you like to promote download product better for you is CPC Or CPA, also by some SEO on google (try to search on google same product as your) if this is landing sale page you can also use Push traffic or social media. there is a different option to using the advertisement, I’m using Ad-Maven for Pop traffic. buying and selling traffic.