How to improve our webpage traffic?

Hi, I wonder if you guys have some recommendation how to increase webpage organic traffic. It is not the case that we would be amateurs but it is nice to get some suggestions.

Well we have like 250-500 daily unique visitors and like 70-90 software registrations a day. We offer a software as you maybe figured till now already.

  1. I think we have a decent SEO made up.
  2. Active blogs with great topics and articles.
  3. We are active on Facebook and Twitter daily.
  4. We try to generate as many of backlinks to our page as possible, we usually spend a few hours a day on this.
  5. We also participate in different forums where we try to bring our traffic up with signature posts.

Not sure what else we could do. Can you guys check our page and give me some suggestions? It is called Rumbletalk.

Thank you a lot!

These two statements worry me a little. Perhaps you’re very careful in the way you carry out these techniques, but just on the basis of what you say there, you could be in danger of violating Google’s guidelines.

Remember that backlinks which you place yourself carry very little weight, as far as Google is concerned. If your aim is simply to bring traffic, then perhaps they will be effective, but steer clear of practices which could adversely affect your standing in the SERPs.

Are you really asking for advice, or is this just another forum for you to promote your site?


Try building more number of social sites like reddit, stumbleupon etc, you will find thousands of sites on Google !! Also try blog commenting and social bookmarking, these are also considered as powerful ways to get organic traffic to your website.

Can you tell me about this please? You mean share blog posts via Reddit?

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