How to improve my profits in the small locksmith business

I want to improve my profits in my locksmith business , Actually the profit i’m getting from it , is not enough for me so i want to improve them but how could i make it. if anyone have a good knowledge about it or have some good suggestions that can helps me to improve my grow plzzz suggest me… looking forward for your replies.

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This community is mostly aimed at webmasters, digital marketers and developers so in that vain, what, if anything, are you doing to promote your business to the world through the web… social? search? media?

If I were a locksmith… 99% of cases are prob emergency type things like I locked myself out. So… I would put a big Ad in the yellow pages and yelp. In my Ad I would make large and widely know that I work 24/7, I’m mobile, that I’m less expensive than the rest, and that I’m very personable and friendly.

Hey look at that, I could be a successful locksmith. Lol

Works for every business

  1. increase number of leads
  2. increase conversion
  3. increase average sale
  4. increase customer repeats
  5. increase referrals

For all of these, look at a coffee shop and do the same

  1. Put flyers around 2kms of your business. Are they your customers? Can you make your key cutting mobile? Go around and ask every person that is staionery in that radius if they need a key cut. If they don’t ask them when they likely need one. Are they moving? Is anyone moving some time, do they know someone who is moving?

  2. This shouldn’t be a problem. Key cutting is convenience. If they are not converting something totally major is wrong. Ask why they are not buying, where they are buying and why

  3. with a higher price: Make keys in all colours, with all actors, comic figures, heros imprinted, smaller, bigger, different material, delivered. Offer discounts on 2,3,4,5,10,20,100 keys. Offer reseller discounts.

  4. Get them to sign up to your mailing list, text message list, phone list. Call them. Have they moved? New Car? Is the key still working? Someone moved in? Out? I.e. Do they need a key???

  5. Offer a coffee (sorry key) card, tenth key free. Offer free key when referring 4 customers. Free key for live when referring 100 customers.

Rinse and repeat.

Hope this helps,


[FONT=verdana]Nobody here can really answer your question, because we don’t know what problem you are trying to fix. You say your profits are not high enough. Apart from the fact that every small business owner in the world probably feels the same way, you don’t say why your profits are low.

For example, are your staff costs too high? Are you paying too much rent? Are you not getting enough customers? And, if so, is that because you don’t know how to advertise to your potential market? Or is it because there’s no demand for your service in your area?

Do you see what I mean? There are simply too many unknown factors involved. You have to understand exactly why profits are not as high as you would like. If you can figure that out, we might have a better chance of being able to help you. (But keep in mind too what Ted S said about this being primarily a forum for webmasters, on-line marketers and the like.)


Make a website of your business and than promote it online, Bcoz people like online shopping a lot now days…

if your website will be promoted on the search engines than it can be a good profit source for you…

I Have locksmith business also since 2009 and I really hit the target almost a year and I think here I can suggest how I made that constantly. First you must do on line marketing you can state it there your whole business details for the user know better about your business, Secondly you must also registered to all social media or Social Media Marketing which is now most useful marketing nowadays. Hope this well help you. And expect more of it as we go on discussing on this forum.