How to improve my new business?

I am doing an online carpet selling business. Can anyone give me an idea to get my site popular? Thanks.

You can gain traffic in your website by using the social media. Almost all of the people right now are users of social media sites such as facebook, LinkedIn and google plus. You can meet people and share about your business. In google plus you can actually do videoconferencing with ten people and you can share the creations that you have.

hi graigcarter…
if you will give advertiseing to your website then you will get marketing.advertising is in image wise,content,video… use search engine marketing(SEM).you will get marketing…
Thank you.

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Please read the sticky threads at the top of this forum, and any other threads which interest you. These will provide you with a great deal of information. I would also recommend you download and read Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. After that, if you still have any specific questions, then please feel free to post again. Meanwhile, I am closing this thread, as your question is too vague to attract any meaningful answers.