How to improve my local listing sites ranking and traffic

How to improve my local listing sites ranking and traffic within next 3 month. currently my website is getting 100 unique visitor per day. Any strategy…

It depends on many thing such as category of your website, topics that you covered in your site, type website, blogs & content type and size.
For the ranking you need to select some keywords to target your specific page
you will have to write proper organized content.
Share your content webpage in Social bookmarking site, Social site etc.
Visit the forums and share the link
Do local listing of your website

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Proper HTML is a site, ay the on page activities and off page activities at that within 4-5 month
small keyword use and content of keywords,

Using Facebook or Google ads targeting a location. It won’t help SEO, of course, but it will help to get noticed.

Also register your business on Google+ if you haven’t done so yet, use keyword phrase that contains location + specific keyword.

Do your website SEO to increase the organic traffic. As well as promote your website thru all major social media channels. Be like a Brand.

You need to build citations. Citations, reviews, backlinks, and a high ctr rate. Reviews will increase your CTR rate anyway. CTR rate is an 11% ranking factor. So get more local reviews, citations and go from there.

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Actually it depends like your category of websites ,content keywords,
select keyword which is defined your website ,the content should be organic.
visit forum site and share your links,share your content in social bookmarking it will definitely help you.

The above sum it up briefly. Although to start with, I would really look at the market you are targeting just to see if there is additional juice in there… 100 unique visitors is a large enough number for some markets after all.

Work both on organic as well as social traffic. Try to post your website blogs to your social media pages to drive social traffic. For increasing organic traffic you need to work on various SEO techniques, mostly on unique and fresh content. I must say there are various factors responsible for your website growth. So you need to work accordingly.

To rank my local properties I have a checklist of things I need to do.

  1. Create social profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, etc.
  2. I also create local schema and add it to each and every page on the site.
  3. I use Apple Maps and GMB to get authorative links, it takes a while to get the postcard delivered so this is usually one of the first citations I build.
  4. Use the Bright Local Top 50 citations list to create my own citations (make sure you use exactly the same info on each for an accurate NAP, failing to do this may not bring the desired results for map pack ranking).

I even build a few Web 2.0 pages (I hate Web 2.0 with a passion) with an article or two and add all of the links built so far just to assist the indexing process. Remember to add NAP here also.

From a new build site I can usually get in in the organic top 3 and in the 3 pack map (snack pack) results within 2 months.

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Pretty much as in any SEO activity. Focus on site optimisation (meta tags) and adding really high quality content.

This Depends Upon your Website category as it fulfill the demands of the market or not.You can Use the Social Media Like Best is Twitter were you can use the worldwide hashtags and it also increase the profile visit of the website So you can Try this

Just to be clear, that might well improve traffic, but it will have no direct effect on ranking (assuming by that the OP means SERP ranking).

Here are my list of strategy that I’m using in ranking my local listing sites.

First, optimize and add location specific keywords to your site Meta tags and Content. For example: Keywords + Location “kitchen renovation in Seattle”

Second, indicate all contact information in your website ex. address, contact number, email address, business hours/day and other necessary information.

Third, create Google My Business Page (must be verified) for you site, make sure that all the information found in your GMB must coincide with your website. The same thing must be done when creating your Social Media pages ex. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

And finally

Fourth, also include top citation list where you can list your website and do other offpage techniques.

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