How to import my wordpress database from sharedhost to Linode

Hi! Please I will really need a guide on how to do this. Let me explain.
I have my wordpress website running on namecheap but decided to move to linode. I have managed to install a wordpress site on linode using their one click wordpress app installation.
The problem now is that I dont know how to go about importing my downloaded database name “localhost.sql” into the new wordpress installation on my new host linode.

I have installed ftp and I can see everything like var/www/wordpress
but now I dont know how to upload the database named “localhost.sql” which is on my laptop downloaded folder.
Please guide me step by step if you have the time please. Thanks.

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Here is a HowTo at Wordpress covering that:

Maybe this guide could be helpfull in this:

Thanks for your reply but the issue I am having is that I can only access my server with PuTTY. There is no cPanel.
I am on Linode host and I already installed wordpress with one click app installer which they have.
My trouble is how do I upload my localhost.sql to the server to replace the already existing default wordpress installation. I provided my site to make this easy to understand but someone removed the link.
All am saying is how do I use tools like PuTTY and ftp to get my downloaded files restored to my new host Linode.
Please I need someone that may have used linode and installed wordpress before on it.Thanks.

I should have thought Linode was the best place to ask.

Does this answer your query?

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Truly I tell you linode is writing guides for experts and not for beginners like me. So if they write for experts it means wholly useless because experts already know their way and will not need the useless guide. I learn from individual contribution like sitepoint where i had earlier learned so many things from members willing to help me.
Thats why I am looking for that luck again this time maybe someone will make it easier for me to understand how it works. I am very new to this.

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