How to implement RSS weather feed on my site

Hey guys…

I have a program called Rainmeter on my laptop using Windows 7. I have downloaded one of their weather skins for my desktop which uses the following RSS feed to bring the weather information.

And this is how my desktop looks like:

I would like to take this RSS feed and implement it on my web site using PHP. I have no idea where to start as I’m new to RSS feeds. The skin uses a folder on my computer that contains all the images to display the weather. The folder looks like this:

I would like to implement this on my web site to replace the current script that displays on my home page.

How do I go about attaching those images to the current weather conditions pulled from the feed? What code would I use to get this entire thing going?

Thanks for your help in advance!

As far as parsing and displaying data from an RSS feed, start here:

Do you have Rainmeter’s permission to use their images on your site?

Thanks Dan. The Rainmeter application allows open source skins to be created, therefore the images appear to be copyright free, althought they are very nice.