How to implement 404, 403 redirect URL's using .htaccess properly?

I’ve created a website which has directory structure as follows :

root /
   imgs /

Here, as you can see I’ve placed my error page in the root folder. My .htaccess file content is as follows :

# Used to hide the file extensions
Options +MultiViews

# Returns random URL typed in the address bar to the error page of feedback
ErrorDocument 403 /feedback/error.html
ErrorDocument 404 /feedback/error.html

Whenever I try to access a random URL with my webpage let’s say :
It works. But when I try to access something like this : “” where imgs folder exists in the root folder and as I’ve prevented directory listing, it works fine.

The only issue is that when accessed like the CSS and imgs won’t show up which are used in error.html file.

What should I do for this? Should I copy 'n paste error.html in each directory and create .htaccess in that directory and specify the URL?

To access images and CSS I’ve used href attribute something like this : ./styles/error.css
when I get the error and add another . in the href attribute it, works!

I’m not getting the logic, what’s happening actually, and how it works?

Error images :

Working correctly :

Error :


Do you have relative addresses in error.html?

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