How to identify waiting resources using DMVs in SQL Server?

How can I check DMVs stats to find waiting resources of my SQL Server?

Do you have Workbench?,616654,616654

Additionally Workbench 6.1 is leveraging work from various teammates in
MySQL Engineering by introducing a schema called “SYS” that provides
simplified views on Performance Schema, Information Schema, and other
Special thanks to the server optimizer team, server runtime team, and Mark
Leith. For Oracle DBAs MySQL SYS is similar to the V$ catalog views, and
MSSQL folks its like DMVs (Dynamic Management Views).

Sorry, I don’t have Workbench.

So, if any additional tool is available then tell me and how can install workbench 6.1 in my SQL server database.

Sorry, I’m so used to MySQL discussions I totally missed that you are talking MicroSoft.

Does this page apply to your version and you meet the requirements?

What is your experience with SQL Server? As I talked with a fellow teammate who is our “SQL Server Expert”, and he highly recommended this book Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views .

However, if you are fairly confident with what the data represents, you can try some of these sources.

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